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General inquiry
If you have game-related questions, the FAQ is the best place to find answers. If the Frequently Asked Set does not address your issue, please contact us. Customer service staff will be happy to help you.
Please provide as much information as possible about the issues and concerns so that we can process your issue quickly, comprehensively and professionally. If you receive an error message or have a technical problem, please provide a message or screenshot so that we can understand the problem accurately and handle it in a timely manner.

Poker game question and answer set
Customer service
I have Red Dragon Poker related issues. what should I do now?
 No problem, always ready to serve you! You can contact us at any time. You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on this FAQ page. You can also contact us through the "Contact Customer Service" function on the client and official website.

forget password
I forgot my password, can I register for a new account?
No. In order to maintain the fairness of the game and the security of the account, a player can only have one account.
I forgot my password. How do I get a new password?
You can click the forgot password at the bottom of the APP login page to get a new password via the bound mobile number.

How to upload an avatar?
How to upload an avatar?
If you didn't upload an avatar when you signed up, or if you no longer like the avatar you chose when you registered, you can change/upload your avatar in the "I" interface.

Line problems
What if I can't connect to the server?
First, please check your network settings. If the network settings are ok, try restarting the game.
In the process of playing cards, the line is constantly dropped, help!
If there is a problem with the Red Dragon Poker connection, or if you have repeatedly encountered connection problems over the long term, this may indicate a connection stability issue that you did not use when using most other websites and applications. We are willing to help you identify and resolve this issue, and you will need to provide some system and connection related information. First, you'll need to go to the FAQ page to learn more about dropped calls and common causes. If this information does not help you find the reason for the drop, please provide the following information so we can help you.

We need to know a lot of information including the following information:
Operating system (iOS12.0.1, etc.)

Model (iPhone, Huawei, etc.)
Network environment (Wi-Fi, 4G, etc.)

Virtual coins
How to get more virtual coins?
You can recharge or purchase in-app store to get more virtual coins. All the coins can not exchage back to real money.

I signed up for a tournament and can't find it now. How do I view all the tournaments I have registered?
Red Dragon Poker has the features you need!
If you can't find a tournament you have enrolled, please go to the Red Dragon Poker Discovery page and select 'My Games' to view it.

Game fairness
How does Red Dragon Poker shuffle? How to determine fairness?
Red Dragon Poker's dealing is fair and square, and integrity. After a deck of cards is washed, it will not change and the order of the cards cannot be changed. The shuffling and dealing can't control who wins and loses: the software only deals, and the rest is determined by the players in the game. The software shuffle is completely random and does not favor any player. The method used ensures that the deal is completely random and unpredictable.

Hand history
How to collect hands?
You can click on 'History' in the game, click on ♥ to collect the hand you want, or collect it in the replays of 'Record'.
Can I play back the hand I just played?
You can view the replays of this game in 'Record' - choose to view the record of hands

Some people use the chat function improperly, how to stop it?
Turn the voice setting off in the game settings

Ideas, opinions and suggestions
I have a good idea to make Red Dragon Poker more perfect. Who should I send to?
Red Dragon Poker welcome any feedback from the players. If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement, you can contact customer service. Please note that we receive thousands of comments, suggestions and feedback every month. Please reply and explain the pros and cons, please understand.

Frequently asked questions
Red Dragon Poker General Issues:
What steps can I take to help keep my account secure?
You are responsible for protecting your password and never revealing your account information to anyone. The only time you need to use a password is when you log in to the software. We recommend that you change your password periodically.
Can I change the software interface language?
Yes, we have Chinese/English languages, please me in the game - set - multi-language, choose English or Chinese

Poker game
How to deal with system crash during the game?
In the unlikely event that a system crash occurs and a card cannot be completed, all hands will be restored to that card. The number of chips for each player is restored to the number at the beginning of the card.
What does “lowest carry” mean?
The minimum carrying scoreboard is the minimum requirement for players to participate in the game.
How to determine how much money is in the pot?
At the Red Dragon Poker table, the total amount of the pot (including the current round of betting amount) will be displayed in digital form in the middle of the table. In addition, after each round of betting, all bet amounts will be brought to the center of the table and you will be able to view the total amount of the pot.
Can I play cards with my friends at the same table?
Yes. Red Dragon Poker is happy to see friends, relatives, and acquaintances playing cards at the same table. However, we hope that when you do this, fight your friends like other players, don't reveal your cards to them, and don't privately reach a card agreement (this constitutes collusion and is strictly prohibited for Red Dragon Poker).
If you and your friends have an agreement to share funds, deposits or earnings, in order to ensure the fairness of the game, you can't play at the same cash table table with the friend, and play the tournament in the same game.
If the players live in the same family, regardless of their relationship, they must not play at the same cash table, and play the tournament in the same game. In some cases, the game software will automatically enforce such restrictions.

Online poker voice chat

Please explain the chat rules

Some chat methods and content are prohibited by Red Dragon Poker. Players are free to use the table chat function, subject to the chat rules.

Religion / contempt insult:

We are not allowed to blaspheme, rudeness, racial discrimination and offensive insults.


We prohibit players from begging for real, virtual currency chips, and prohibit players from selling goods or services in any hand at any time.

Trading of virtual currency chips:

Players should not use the chat function to discuss the trading of virtual currency chips. Players who participate in this type of discussion, whether they want to buy or sell virtual currency chips.


We prohibit players from sending messages frequently, interfering with normal chat behavior.

Commercial use:

The use of chat functions for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited, including the promotion of services or products of any third party other than Red Dragon Pico.  

Malicious behavior:

It is strictly forbidden to use chat to engage in malicious or bad behavior, including but not limited to collusion, fraud, swiping and/or harassment. Nor can it be untrue to Red Dragon Poker and reasonably believe that it constitutes a derogatory statement. Users should have a general understanding of the feelings of other customers and Red Dragon Poker staff, chat mediators, and respect in action.

Someone who improperly uses the chat function, what should I do?

You can turn off voice effects in the table settings.

Game fairness
How does Red Dragon Poker ensure the fairness of the game?
Red Dragon Poker regards game security as a top priority. We use the most advanced technology to ensure the fairness of the game.
Does Red Dragon Poker have an employment childcare?
Red Dragon Poker has no internal players and we don't hire anyone to play at the site.

Poker tournament
Where can I check out the upcoming poker tournament?
In the Red Dragon Poker Discovery interface, select SNG or MTT, you will see all the poker tournaments, there are ongoing ("in progress"), just finished ("Ended"), and there is also an upcoming one ("Open Registration" "Or "announced"). For more information, please click on the contest icon to view the details of the match.
How to sign up for a poker tournament?
If the poker tournament is in the "open registration" or "delayed registration" status, you can enter the details of the competition you want to participate in and register.


Can I get a refund after I have successfully recharged?

After the recharge is successful, there is no refund and you can withdraw the cash.

What is the payment method for recharging?

Red Dragon Poker recharge supports Alipay and UnionPay.

I have problems when I recharge/cash, how can I get help?

You can contact customer sfoot1ervice in the app, customer service will answer your question.

Where can I view the top-up history?

Click on the query in the app wallet interface to view the recharge/cash flow

How can I confirm that I have successfully purchased?

After successful purchase, your payment method will be debited, and the Red Dragon Poker account will be transferred to the virtual currency chip.

Customer service
If you have any other questions, our customer service team is always ready to serve you.

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